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Designing Environments That Connect People and Nature

Landscape architecture, as defined by, is the intricate study and practice of crafting environments, both outdoor and indoor, across various scales. Originating from the visionary minds of Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux, who designed New York City’s iconic Central Park in the late 1800s, this discipline embodies the intersection of design and science, profoundly enhancing natural environments, integrating art, environment, architecture, engineering, and sociology.

Our Approach

At Siegfried, we merge the art and science to craft enduring and impactful outdoor spaces. Our designs seamlessly blend softscape and hardscape elements, responding to natural features, while prioritizing user experience and client vision. Our projects, no longer confined to traditional patterns, now serve diverse functions while embracing sustainability.

As a multi-disciplinary firm, our landscape team possesses the engineering expertise necessary for project success. Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we employ a variety of materials and techniques to deliver optimal solutions. Our team is dedicated to crafting designs that connect people with nature, build community, and instill a deep appreciation for the outdoors across the diverse types of designed spaces within landscape architecture.

What are the Types of Landscape Architecture?

 From urban design to sustainable infrastructure, landscape architecture encompasses diverse types, each playing a crucial role in creating functional and sustainable environments. Now, let’s dive deeper into each type and explore a few of our projects in these areas.

Urban Design

Urban design encompasses the enhancement of outdoor, urban spaces through features like parks, plazas, and waterfronts, fostering community engagement and promoting sustainability. Within this realm, commercial and civic designs play integral roles in shaping spaces tailored to their unique purposes.

Commercial: Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness, Ripon, California.

Civic: Mountain View Community Center, Mountain View, California.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreation design focuses on the design and planning of public parks, recreational facilities, and natural preserves. This branch stays true to the essence of landscape architecture by prioritizing the enhancement of outdoor spaces and natural environments.

City of Stockton’s Pixie Woods Playground, Stockton, CA.

Campus Planning and Design

Campus planning and design aims to seamlessly integrate educational institutions with the natural environment while reflecting the goals and values of the institution. We’ve undertaken an array of projects across Northern and Central California, enriching campus life through thoughtful design.

UC Davis Aquatics Recreation Pool Renovation, Davis, CA.

Sustainable and Green Infrastructure

This area focuses on integrating sustainable practices into the built environment, including stormwater management, heat island reduction, and environmental enhancement.

San Anselmo Media Master Plan and Red Hill Avenue Improvements, San Anselmo, CA.


Residential landscape architecture centers on designing outdoor spaces for private homes, catering to the individual interests and preferences of homeowners. From gardens to patios, these designs aim to create personalized and functional environments.

Sage at The Cannery, Davis, CA.

Meet our Team

Our landscape architecture team is indispensable when it comes to tackling these projects. Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with them, delving into the motivations driving their work and exploring how they believe their efforts contribute to the community. Take a moment to get to know them below.

Thais Del Castillo, PLA, LEED AP

Thais Del Castillo, PLA, LEED AP

Landscape Architect Manager | Principal

I was born and raised in Sacramento and returned to start my career after graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

What inspired you to pursue landscape architecture?
I was inspired to pursue landscape architecture after taking an ornamental horticulture class in high school where I was introduced to the profession. I’ve never looked back!

How do you think landscape architecture benefits our communities?
I love that landscape architecture can create a sense of place, connecting people to the environment around them in a meaningful way.

Robert J. Norbutas, Jr, PLA

Landscape Architecture Sacramento Bay Area San Jose Robert J. Norbutas, Jr., PLA

Design Principal

I have been in the Landscape Architectural profession for over 35 years and have enjoyed my experiences with different types of projects, Clients, and locations throughout the world. I started my career as a Golf Course Architect and have since had the opportunity to expand and design a diverse list of successful projects including K-12 and higher education, commercial, industrial, parks, transportation, athletics, and residential. I have always emphasized sustainability in my designs and insisted on making creative “out of the box” design solutions a priority for my clients.

What inspired you to pursue landscape architecture?
My inspiration to pursue landscape architecture came from my love of art, nature, and the garden. This I learned growing up with two very smart and artistic parents. I had always wanted to find my place in a job where I could apply art and both creative and technical landscape design into the built environment. wanted to use my skills and talents to respect nature and provide functional spaces of beauty and enjoyment for people.

How do you think landscape architecture benefits our communities?
Our communities benefit from Landscape Architecture by our ability to design and improve a space into a functional, multi-use, aesthetically pleasing environment, and strengthen a community’s sense of identity and value.

Shellie Tipton

Shellie Tipton

Landscape Designer

What inspired you to pursue landscape architecture?
I took an Intro to Landscape Architecture class in college and my professor explained landscape architecture as a surgeon to the land, which intrigued me. We carve our ideas into the landscape.

How do you think landscape architecture benefits our communities?
One of the core values of landscape architecture is creating usable spaces for people and being mindful of the existing conditions in which they thrive. As designers, we make sure all aspects of a space work together, from culture, demographics, weather, location, plants, and animals.

Hailee Chan

Hailee Chan

Landscape Designer

Hi, I’m Hailee, a landscape architecture graduate passionate about putting my love for plants and drawing into creating vibrant environments.

What inspired you to pursue landscape architecture?
My enthusiasm for plants and drawing led me to pursue landscape architecture, offering the perfect blend for creative expression.

How do you think landscape architecture benefits our communities
Landscape architecture improves communities by balancing hardscape and landscape elements, blending in vibrant colors, and enhancing the overall environment for everyone to enjoy.

Interested in joining our team?

Are you a licensed Landscape Architect with strong project management skills? We’re looking for someone organized and dynamic to lead our projects. If you excel in staff coordination and delivering excellence on time, we want to hear from you.

At Siegfried, we believe in design’s power to shape environments and enrich lives. As a key team member, you’ll spearhead projects from start to finish, collaborating effectively with clients and colleagues. Your positive attitude and commitment to quality will inspire our team to exceed expectations in landscape architecture.

Ready to unleash your creativity and expertise in a supportive environment? Join us and help create landscapes that enhance communities. Apply today and let’s build something extraordinary together!

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