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Chiefs vs. 49ers, who’s winning?


Brad Quon: Niners 30, Chiefs 27

Harpreet Chohan: Niners to win the Super Bowl, 38-27

Rhett Kilgore: Chiefs win 27-21

Ryan Gleave: 30-27 49ers… Yes I am being completely biased as a niner fan but I can’t help it!

Manny DeBranca: I want Taylor’s boyrfriend’s team to win.

Chris Kay: I got Chiefs 34-28. Taylor Swift is inevitable like Thanos.

Josie Fong: I hope it ends in a tie, so they both lose 😊

Adam Merrill: Niners 27-24

Andrew Manes: 49ers 31 – 24 Chiefs

Erin Cahoon: 28-23 (Niners-Chiefs) Bang, Bang, Niner Gang!!!

Tony Lopes: Niners 45-17!!!!!

Ali Baqar: 49ers win 27-18

Mike Kincaid: Lions turned into mice, Ravens are never more, Chiefs can beat their drums, and the 49ers can bang their shovel. Chiefs 31 > 49ers 27

Alex McBride: Chiefs 34, Niners 31

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