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New Year’s Resolutions!

We asked a handful of you for your new year’s resolutions and we compiled them in a list below! If you have a resolution that you would like to share, please send them to Alex McBride and they will be added to this list.

Thais Del Castillo
Get back to trail running!

Brad Quon
Personal Resolution – maintain a healthy lifestyle by being active (karate, family, kids), and eating / drinking a balanced diet (ok maybe a glass of wine here or there)
Work Resolution – be role model and mentor to younger staff while maintaining street cred (continuing education)

Manny DaBranca
My resolution is to assist my team in achieving their personal resolutions.

Diego Moreno
My new year’s resolution is to shoot under 75 on either the front or back 9 of any golf course.

Josh Glendenning
My new year’s resolution is to write 5 songs on the guitar and learn to use my air fryer.

Nick Fornaciari
This year my resolution is to finish writing my first draft of my memoir and reach green II belt in my karate class.

Andrew Manes
Reduce my weekly screen time on my phone.

Sam Ertefaei
1-Compete in a half marathon.
2-Start a Candy Business with my wife
3-Get back into Triathlon
4-Clean and Jerk 255lbs or above
5-Start Seminary

Cathy Katkanova
Taking and hopefully passing at least one of the PE exams, and traveling internationally.

Zia Durrani
Support 1 struggling family for 12 months in a third world country.

Anthony Linnerman
To not waste any produce.

Chris Kay
Reach out to friends more, regular check-ins, seeing how everyone is doing.

Erin Cahoon
Read the entire Bible this year.

Alex McBride
Go hiking more and go to at least 4 MLB stadiums.

Francesca Perez
Travel to a least 1 different country and 3 different states, and buy a new car.

Siegfried Engineering