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Ideal Weekend Getaway

We asked, and you delivered! Thank you for sharing some of your favorite weekend getaway spots.

Rhett Kilgore

Here are a couple trips I look forward to every year:

Originally being from Fresno, each year my father would take me north of Bass Lake for a camping trip. Activities would include tent camping, creek swimming, fishing, cooking, and hiking in the high Sierra mountain trails. Although my father has since passed, I now continue the tradition with a group of my closest friends each year, typically around Fourth of July weekend. This is also where I proposed to my wife and where I plan to take my children camping so they can enjoy the same experiences and views I had when growing up.

Although longer than a weekend, each year I make the trip back to northern Kentucky for the whitetail deer season opener in early November. My wife’s uncle has a small farm that we hunt with a group of roughly 10 of my in-laws. Activities include lots of cooking, games, waking up before the sun, late nights and sitting in a deer stand in the freezing cold. On good years it also involves hanging and cleaning deer in the barn. I have only been on this trip for the past 3 years but it has quickly become one of my favorite traditions.

Mike Kincaid

Halle and I like to take our motorcycles exploring the back roads and countryside of California, we had our first Disney cruise and are excited to do that again, also checking out historic train rides. But my favorite thing to do, is spend the 4th of July week on my family farm in Oklahoma where my cousin and I always put on great fireworks shows.

Anthony Linnerman-Smith

My ideal weekend getaway would be walking the sands of Monterey Bay.

I check into the Cannery Row Inn, located right after the tunnel at the start of the street of Cannery Row, but a bit further out than what would be considered Cannery Row. Its got a great price point and backs up to the pedestrian throughway that parallels Cannery Row giving my daughter and I a 5 minute walk to the Aquarium with access to the food and attractions along the way.

A perfect day starts with libations and brunch at Schooners, then heading down Cannery Row. There’s a tattoo shop I pass every time contemplating getting another, a chocolate factory that has imported Turkish delights sold by the inch (I recommend Rose), a quick stop to marvel at the near warehouse of a candy shop at the plaza, and then stop off at the Aquarium to get couple laps in. I particularly like the underwater exhibit, featuring cuttlefish that light up, sardines that swim endlessly in the ceiling, and a huge aquarium containing a deep sea ecosystem. Though the otters are darn cute too.

If there is still plenty of day left (or the next day) I like to drive along the coast a little ways on Ocean View and Sunset Drive, and there is a specific beach I know by sight I like to stop by and enjoy the cove and waves, and exploring the tide pools for urchins, starfish, crabs and other curious seafolk. This can all be extended into driving through the toll road 17 Mile Dr. for a coastal trip down a bit further to Carmel where I like to have some oysters at the great A.W. Shucks (aww shucks!), a near dive bar of a hole in the wall with fresh oysters and cozy wood interior. There’s plenty of shopping in Carmel after the food but the real go to place is the Thinker Toys toy store on some corner. If you can find parking the whole place deserves some exploring and if shopping isn’t on the agenda just head west for the beach, its never too far.

Erin Cahoon

My ideal weekend getaway would be to take the Harley up the coast to Carmel by the Sea and then Monterey. We’d spend some time at the beach and the wharf, then have dinner at Pebble Beach Golf Course where they have a Scottish bagpipe player playing at Sunset.

Cathy Katkanova

My ideal getaway would be to go hiking or camping, if the weather permits it. One prime location would be Yosemite, as it is just gorgeous everywhere. If possible, getting a room at an inn or hotel would be the preferred location for the night.

Jim Willis

Now that we are grandparents to 2 adorable grandkids (totally unbiased opinion, of course), Athena and I like to spend our weekends down in Oceanside visiting our daughter (Sydney), her husband (Ricky), Ezekiel (4 yrs old), and little Gabriela (almost 3).  They love the zoo and Sea World.  But their favorite is Disneyland.  Mine too!

Lindsie Stokes

I have three destinations that come to mind that are very near to my heart…

  1. San Francisco perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway. I lived there for 10 years (fun fact) so if you need recommendations shoot me a message!
  2. Disneyland is simply the happiest place on Earth.
  3. Maui, HI is one of my favorite places in the world. The beaches and food are incredible!

Mackenzie Rhinehart

My favorite weekend getaway would be visiting Pacific Beach San Diego. Its my favorite place, the weather is beautiful in the spring. I love spending time at the beach there and visiting La Jolla where the tidepools are. PB also has the best hidden boutiques that really help my shopping addiction lol.

Alejandro Aguilera

As the weather is starting to get warmer, I enjoyed heading up to the mountains for some snowboarding to enjoy the snow before it’s gone!

Monica Lipich

My husband and I enjoy going anywhere that we can bring our dogs, and get a good bite. Town and Country in Tracy, Lucas Winery in Lodi, Hype Nutrition in Manteca, and Knights Ferry are currently our favorite places to go.

Although Tracy is growing rapidly, Downtown still has that hometown feel. Town and Country is our favorite spot for a Sunday or Saturday morning to meet up with friends and family. A unique item on their menu is the Haystack. It is a must try for everyone going for their first time. They also have some fancy French toast! There is often a wait to be seated but this gives the perfect opportunity to visit the many boutiques along Central, 10th and 6th  Street or the Farmer’s Market (on Saturday).

Lucas in Lodi, is another place that we enjoy because it is not only dog friendly but also kid friendly. They also have some unique wines that have us questioning if we really are strictly Red Wine drinkers.

Hype Nutrition is a guilty pleasure. It’s our local go-to in Manteca because of the friendly staff and amazing meal replacement bowls and shakes.  It’s perfect for days where you want something filling, quick, nutritious and that will allow you to have a productive day out in the yard without creating dishes.

No trip to Knights Ferry is ever the same. We enjoy parking down the street “in-town” for the free parking and making our way out to the reserve and finding new ways up the rocks or down to the water. My cousins, siblings and I have made it a New Year’s Day Tradition to start the new year with a hike here. We also enjoy ending our day trip with an ice cream cone.

Louie Mendez

One of my favorite weekend getaways:

Presidio Tunnel Tops, San Francisco

The Presidio is a great place to explore, and the Tunnel Tops are awesome! Great views of the Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Field and more. Also walking distance to the Palace of Fine Arts and everywhere is dog friendly. I highly recommend a trip here!

Alex McBride

When I can get away for the weekend, I like to go somewhere outdoors, either for a hike at a National Park like Yosemite or Pinnacles, or a day at the beach. If the weather isn’t permitting, I like to visit some of my friends who live in SF and San Jose.

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