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Siegfried worked with the City of Ripon to repair a damaged outfall storm pipe. With rainy weather on the way, Siegfried was tasked with repairing this damaged outfall pipe quickly. Utilizing our team of structural engineers, civil engineers, and surveyors, Siegfried went to work and was able to see this project from start to finish in a little over five weeks. The improvement to this damaged storm pipe included a flared end to help direct the flow of water, rock embankment, and vegetation removal.

Please check out these before, during, and after pictures!

    City of Ripon outfall pipe before Siegfried's repair. Survey equipment in foreground. Pipe in the background in a wall of earth, overgrown leaves around the pipe.    City of Ripon outfall pipe during Siegfried's repair. Earth is cleared of overgrown shrubs. Excavator and construction worker in the background. Worker is overseeing construction.    City of Ripon's new outfall pipe is being placed and overseen by Siegfried's team.  Siegfried's finished repair work on the City of Ripon's outfall pipe.

Siegfried Engineering